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About GreenOps Ammo

The GreenOps Ammo shotshell technology has been acquired, and GreenOps has ceased operations.

GreenOps was founded by a group of marine scientists, chemists, and hunters with the goal of producing high-performance shotgun ammunition without using conventional plastic wads, which fly downfield with the shot and tend to be littered into the environment.  Obviously, our ability to address the pollution problem correlated with our ability to gain market share, and it is very difficult to compete in this industry without economies of scale.

Accordingly, we felt the best solution was to put our technology into the hands of a much larger company with the manufacturing and distribution scale needed to capture a large share of the market.  We are very excited about the partnering company and their prospects to deliver great products in the near future.

To all those folks who have helped us along the way, and to the multitudes who have been asking about product availability, both domestically and internationally, we sincerely thank you for your interest and support.